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Orthotics and biomechanical assessment

Podiatry and  biomechanical assessments

Podiatry treatments tailored to you

Did you know that many foot problems are nothing more than the result of wearing inappropriate footwear, or poor gait whilst walking or running? Thirty years of experience in the field have enabled me to build up a range of effective treatments. By utilising new technologies I am able to help tackle problems at their root, preventing small issues from spiralling into major concerns.


Through assessments of your lower limbs and feet, I am able to see how poor foot biomechanics can result in pain in your feet, knees, lower back and neck. From there, I can provide orthotic services designed to correct the way your feet are aligned and how they move.


My biomechanical assessments are simple. I will examine the alignment and structure of your lower limbs and inspect your joints whilst they are in motion. This will allow me to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your muscles. In turn, custom insoles and orthotics products can be designed to counteract any weaknesses.

Everyone is different, which is why I tailor my podiatry treatments to your exact needs. At my Peterborough surgery I am able to help with specific sports-related injuries as well as with more general issues.


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